A simple cushion, a statement center piece or an unusual print, whatever it might be that grabs you, that’s what you are likely to find here.


Rare Antique Copper Pan with Lid

Price : €395

A large heavy antique copper pan from stove makers La Fontaine Bros. of London. The pan dates from the late 1800’s and its overall condition and quality is remarkable bearing in mind that it is well over 120 years old. It is very unusual to also have the lid. This is a magnificent piece. Total length including handles: 75cm, Diameter:39.5cm, Hight:22.5cm.

Christopher Dresser Design Teapot

Price : €235

Silver plated Christopher Dresser design teapot. Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) was one of the most talented British designers of the nineteenth century, and these teapots are rare. Dresser was an industrial designer before the profession had been invented, a man who found new ways of designing for production that few of his contemporaries could have imagined. Dresser worked for a large and varied number of manufacturers and created designs for silver plate, cast iron, furniture, ceramics and glass, as well as textiles, carpets and wallpapers. The teapot epitomises how innovative he could be and reveal his principles of design extended to their most extreme conclusion. It is to these designs, along with a select group of others developed in 1879, that Dresser owes his posthumous reputation as a major figure in British industrial heritage.

Brass Hand in Glass Display

Price : €75

Brass hand in glass display, unusual but cool display. H:27cm in glass case. Hand height 20cm.

British Air Raid Precautions Bell from 1939.

Price : SOLD

If a gas attack was suspected and audible signal would have been given locally by means of the ratchet of the ARP guard and the clear signal would have been announced by the ringing of the hand bell. H:25cm.

Vintage African Tribal Figure

Price : €70

A dark black wood carved figure believed to be from the Luba territory, part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and symbolising fertility. The figure is squatting and holding a bowl. It is carved from one piece of wood. Approximately 16 inches high.

Christopher Dresser Cruet Set

Price : €140

A lovely cruet set designed by Christopher Dresser.

Vintage Child Mannequin

Price : €130

This child sized mannequin has fully movable arms covered in a soft durable material. Made by Bay Area Displays in San Francisco.

1940's MOBO Bronco Tin Horse

Price : SOLD

D. Sebel & Co. was founded in East London, England, in 1921 and made various metal products. It made metal furniture and toys beginning in the 1940s. The Mobo Bronco riding toy, the company’s best-known toy, was made from 1947 to 1972. When the rider pushed on the stirrups, the horse moved forward. The mechanism was patented in 1942, but production didn’t begin until 1947. Several different models of the horse were made. “Magic Steering” was added in 1950. The horse could be made to turn by pushing on one stirrup. The company opened a factory in Erith, Kent, England, in 1947 and a subsidiary in New York City in 1948. The Bronco was so popular that it stayed in production until 1971. Our Bronco is a 1940's model without the "Magic Steering".

Black Wood Tribal Family Figures

Price : €35

Adult and two children tribal figures in black wood.

Travelling trunk

Price : SOLD

Travelling trunk, believed to be from the 50's. Early vinyl exterior with wooden protective banding stretching over the whole trunk. Leather handles on either side. Approximate measurements: Hight: 31cm, Length: 92cm, Width/Depth: 51cm.

Shagreen Box

Price : €125

A beautiful Shagreen, shark skin covered box. Simple in its construction and finish. The green finish makes it very eye catching.

Silver Cake Kinfe and Cheese Knife.

Price : €50

Silver Cake Knife and Silver Cheese Knife in original box.

Opera Themed Prints

Price : €25 EACH

A collection of framed opera themed prints, these are sized H;31cm, W;24cm. They would look great in a mixed display with the larger opera prints for sale below.

Opera Themed Prints

Price : €30

A collection of framed opera themed prints. These are sized approximately 40 X 30cm. They would look great in a mixed display with the smaller opera prints for sale above.







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